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Modern Earth 2016-10-05

Modern Earth

  1. kiwitt
    Have you ever wondered what the world will be like in a few years time? - Well wonder no more, this scenario recreates the modern earth as it is today and how it develops diplomatically. While it is still reasonably random, it gives new insights into what is essentially a very complex world. Lots of interdependence and relationships that need to be carefully managed.

    Playing one of the major nations, like the USA, Russia or China is a very hard as you not only have a lot of cities manage, but also a lot of units. So if you chose to play one of these, be prepared for a lot of micro-management or alternatively set them to 'auto' and focus on your units.

    Now you will need to be careful with your units as they are irreplaceable, i.e. you have more units than you are allowed to build.

    Now Updated to Version 1.4 @ 18 October 2015
    See Thread for details

    Based on Barbarian King's Earth 2010 Update 6, I have worked on a scenario based on a GEM map by GreatLordofPie. I have developed a new Giant Earth Scenario. It includes over 1100 accurately represented cities and countries. Each city will include all the correct buildings, religions and corporations. In addition it includes over 6,000 units, which are placed and named as accurately as possible, given in some cases limited information.

    The Map:
    I have made a conscious decision to only make nations playable, whereas regional groupings of nations are not. This is essentially because no one can really control all those regional groupings and make decisions that affect them all. I have however made a fairly good representation of its types of civics and its cities. Another reason is that it would significantly unbalance the game too much. (NOTE: If you want to play one of them, you can change it in the scenario file)

    Most attention has been given to making the 1100 cities as accurately as possible, but the focus has been ensuring that the "Global Cities" are the real key cities in the game. If you feel a non-global city should be better represented by its buildings let me know. Many of these Global cities also include settled "Great People", which represents the fact that it has had a significant history.
    Spoiler :
    List of Nations:
    Spoiler :
    European Union (Not Playable)
    Saudi Arabia
    Congo (ex-Zaire)
    C.I.S. (Not Playable)
    Africa Union (Not Playable)
    Asian Nations (Not Playable)
    Arab League (Not Playable)
    European Nations (Not Playable)
    Latin America (Not Playable)
    Oceania (Not Playable)
    Relations between nations was one of the hardest research required and when you think it is a 40x40 matrix, a lot of thought had to be applied to this process. You will find however, that there are strong relationships between nations you expect to have, e.g. US and UK, but also strong animosities between others, e.g. US and North Korea & Iran. Open Borders only exist between nations who have free-trade agreements or are part of a trading block. There will also be alliances between nations. You will also find scattered around the map "Terrorist" cells. This reflects the "War on Terror" that is going on right now.

    These are the heart of the game. Using the level of detail skills I applied to my Road to War Historical I have extended this to representing the World Armed Forces as accurately as possible. This means not only placed correctly but also named corrected. Where information is not available I have made some good guestimates. The major unit size is "Brigade", for Airforces it is "squadron" and the smallest unit I have used is "Frigate" for navies. However, a change from Earth 2010 that "Terrorist" units can capture undefended cities, as these now also represent "Rebels" as well. Another change is all navies and workers have freedom of movement due to the fact I have made "Open Borders" a "Free Trade" characteristic. This is because I have had to make relations between nations more accurate.

    So in light of the above you will need to have a reasonably powerful computer running preferably Windows 7 64-bit to give Civ 4 BTS a full 4GB of RAM. Needless to say you'll need more than 4GB of RAM to run it.

    Earth 2010 permission obtained from Barbarian King
    Spoiler :
    Credits: Barbarian King, GreatLordofPie, Tigranes, and the many Civfanatics graphics model makers.


    1. modernearth_d3H.png
    2. afghanistan_sw6.png
    3. australia_Rds.png
    4. britain_bNm.png
    5. china_7nq.png
    6. europe_h40.png
    7. iran_319.png
    8. india_mN1.png
    9. israel_C2e.png
    10. japan_IXJ.png
    11. korea_s7b.png
    12. nigeria_HNd.png
    13. nz_DpB.png
    14. russia_7an.png
    15. singapore_NYm.png
    16. somalia_2Jp.png
    17. thailand_v4n.png
    18. usa_N1n.png