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Modern Pictish / Scottish Worker 2016-10-05

Modern Pictish / Scottish Worker

  1. Anaerin
    This is the third worker from my Pictish civ.

    The Modern Pictish / Scottish worker complete with hardhat.

    Thanks and Credits
    This worker was made possible with the much appreciated help of SaibotLieh.

    Concept and artwork: Anaerin
    Unit Modelling: SaibotLieh


    Take a look at my page if you need any other Pictish / Scottish Units. I will be uploading more soon.


    1. screen_shot_2014_07_19_at_14_52_58_onZ.png
    2. screen_shot_2014_07_19_at_14_52_59_yhH.png
    3. screen_shot_2014_07_19_at_14_53_06_5V1.png