[MODMOD] PTSD - sub-mod for We The People 4.0.x

[MODMOD] PTSD - sub-mod for We The People 4.0.x v2.2.1

- All founding fathers are available to everyone
- Food Storage is a separate issue
- Growth is based on city food consumption minus unfulfilled domestic demands
- Natives are more productive
- Exploration points are severely scaled down
- You can declare war immediately
- Chopped down a tree in the Africa and made other adjustments apparently considered rude in the art world, sorry.
- People starve to death again
- Merged with the bugfix posted by @devolution
- Merged with a previously unreleased horse rustler event fix by @devolution (I guess you guys will have sail over here and kill me if this is improper - bring a seasoned scout)

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When I upgrade any unit, the game crashes, which is quite fatal for the gaming experience. Although I don't know why, I just replaced the WTP file with all inside ptsd.
ok, I am pretty sure I fixed it, and posted an update. Thank you for pointing it out.
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