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[Modular] CN Tower Wonder 2016-10-05

A few years ago, Impaler[WrG] released a new wonder pack, in which there was a modification to the Eiffel Tower, while adding the CN Tower aquiring the Eiffel Towers effect. I thought it made sense at the time and decided modified version.
This is BTS 3.17.21 compatible.

The CN Tower: Free Broadcast Tower in all cities
This is duplicate of the Eiffel Tower, only difference between the 2 is it was moved back to Mass Media. The reasoning behind moving to back a tech was due to the fact the CN Tower is newer building than the Eiffel Tower, and Mass Media the same Tech that opens up Broadcast Towers. I always thought it was strange that a Wonder to award a free Broadcast Tower, was available before an actual Broadcast tower.

The Eiffel Tower: +20,000:culture: to the city that builts it (one time effect).
Again I thought it made sense because of the cultural significance of the Eiffel Tower and its effect in Paris, This wonder should be a target for cultural victory attempters.

Why not just give the CN Tower the new effect?, well I thought the Cultural Boost was more applicable to the Eiffel Tower since the Eiffel Tower is one of the most visited landmarks on the planet (if not the most). In addition, the CN Tower was built to be a tv/radio antenna, while the Eiffel Tower was converted to one.

This mod should merge fairly easily:
The XML is all Modular. It does however "overwrite" the existing Eiffel Tower entry.
The Python uses the CustomEventManager system. One only needs to add the handlers into their own CustomEventManager (if using one).

Art: Rabbit, White
Concept: Impaler
Python: Tstentom1 (code was extracted and modified from his Golden Gate Bridge Wonder)
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