Monopoly Buildings for Vox Populi

Monopoly Buildings for Vox Populi 3.5

Adds several new buildings that are unlocked by getting monopolies on resources. Only for Vox Populi.
Compatible with Even More Resources for VP, and More Unique Components for VP.
If you want to disable Civilization unique luxuries (Brazilwood, Cloves, Pepper, Nutmeg, etc.) from unlocking the buildings go to core -> settings and set the first value to 0.
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Latest updates

  1. Compatibility with VP 3.0

    Compatible with VP 3.0
  2. Update Compatibility for VP 2.0

    Updated compatibility for VP 2.0
  3. Updated to version 3.3

    - +1 culture to jeweler - ornament workshop gains modified ability from perfumery - +1 culture...

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Perfect gameplay enhancer. Make luxury resources more desirable than ever.
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