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Monopoly Buildings for Vox Populi 3.4

Getting a Monopoly unlocks unique buildings for that Monopoly.

  1. Updated to version 3.3

    - +1 culture to jeweler
    - ornament workshop gains modified ability from perfumery
    - +1 culture and gold to hunter's cabin
    - pearls moved from Jeweler to Hunter's Cabin, Ivory Moved from Hunter's Cabin to Ornament Workshop
    - Apothecary ability changed
    - confectioner -1 gold
    - confectioner moved to banking
    - perfumery ability changed, moved to chemistry
    - clothier converts 15% of culture to gold (was 5)
    - farmers' market moved to Navigation
    - restaurant now 1 culture / 3 citizens (was 4)
    - +3 gold to restaurant

    - slightly improved jeweler, perfumery, and clothier icons
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