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Monster Europe 2016-10-05

Monster Europe

  1. awetzel
    This is a really large map of europe for those looking for a truly epic game. I did not actually make this myself it was a map i had downloaded from civ4 a long time ago . It escapes me as to who made it so i apologize in advance for not giving credit. I made many changes to the land added city states and Civs, and plugged in resources. I am using babylon and spain so if you wish to get the most out of this map its best you have the extra DLC for these 2 civs.

    Playable Civs: England, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Rome, Greece, Ottomans, Egypt,Babylon, andSonghai (The Songhai occupy the area of Morocco)

    City States: Dublin, Edinburgh, Brussels, Stockholm, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Genoa, Venice, Belgread, and Bucharest.

    City states start with 1 settler and 1 spearman
    Playable Civs Start with 1 settler 1 Warriar

    Resources are all set to 4 so every horse Iron and what not are a 4 and every playable civ has some of each in reach.

    To install unzip and place the file here
    C:\Users\YOURCOMPUTERNAMEHERE\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\Maps

    Make sure that after you load the map you check the load scenario button

    Good luck and Have fun!!