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(MOO2Civ) Wormholes v1.4 2016-10-05

(MOO2Civ) Wormholes v1.4

  1. TC01
    Wormholes v1.4 for MOO2Civ 5.0

    This modcomp will add my Wormholes modcomp (available for Final Frontier and Star Trek, as well as included in Final Frontier Plus) to MOO2Civ 5.0. It also includes the EnclosedSpace mapscript that I was working on some time ago- that creates a region of "Antaran space" and a barbarian system, reachable only by wormhole.

    I'm releasing this as a modmod since it appears that attempts by JEELEN to merge it in have not been successful. And I could provide limited support since I didn't have a version of Wormholes running with MOO2Civ. I've tested this version, and on my end, it works. (I wouldn't release it otherwise). If it doesn't work for you, please let me know and I'll try to fix it.

    The latest version fixes bugs that were stopping Worldbuilder from working properly in MOO2Civ, with or without this modcomp, and fixes for Python exceptions that were due to references to Final Frontier stuff that didn't exist anymore.

    To install, just unzip the files and copy the MOO2Civ 5.0 directory (from the zip) to your Beyond the Sword\Mods directory.

    Forum thread (in MOO2Civ forum)


    JEELEN (suggestions, maker of MOO2Civ)
    God-Emperor (a lot of help)
    The_J, Deliverator (for helping me make the Barzan Wormhole graphics)
    renegadechicken (suggestions)
    deanej (Star Trek Mod, FF Flat mapscript)
    cephalo (SpiralGalaxy mapscript)


    1. civ4screenshot0001_o5n.jpg
    2. civ4screenshot0000_Imd.jpg