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More Great Scientists V1.0

Adds 25 new Great Scientists across all Eras.

I had planned on making the new buildings and changes to the existing buildings optional via 'Advanced Setup' but haven't been able to get the criteria functionality to work reliably. Hopefully I'll be able to add this in soon.

Additional changes and additions include the following, check out the Civilopedia for more details on everything.

New Building - Hospital
Adds a new buliding that can be built in a campus once you have the Sanitation tech. Mutually exclusive with the Research Lab, and sacrifises some science for housing. I'm re-using the district 'Research Lab' building for this, so they look the same (similar to how the Art and Archeological museums work).

New Building - Nuclear Power Plant
Adds a new building that can be built in an Industrial zone once you have the Nuclear Program civic. Mutually exclusive with the Power Plant - so plan ahead! +6 Production, at the expense of -1 Amenities and -2 Housing. I'm re-using the district 'Power Plant' building for this, so they look the same (similar to how the Art and Archeological museums work).

I wanted to have a random nuclear meltdown attached to this, but haven't figure out a way to do that yet.

There shouldn't be any, but I guess any other mods that change/add Great Scientists may conflict.

I've intentionally removed custom FontIcons from this mod, as there is currently no clean way to update these via a mod. I haven't done any custom unit/building graphics as this is way beyond my skill-set, instead I've re-used or adapted existing graphics.

If you find any, let me know!

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