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More Leaders for AoE 14.11 1.0

Provides new leaders with unique mechanics for Ashes of Erebus 14.11 (latest stable release).

  1. azatote
    Download the file, unzip it, then merge the Assets folder with [Your installation directory]\Beyond the Sword\Mods\Ashes of Erebus\Assets.

    Ahuiliztli (Cualli)
    Alderhand (Ljosalfar)
    Annika (Lanun)
    Commander Feldspar (Ljosalfar)
    Detlesias (Amurites / Dural)
    Ezawyn (Elohim)
    Iridius the Blackhand (Hippus / Sheaim)
    KAS-3061 (Mechanos)
    Methner the Subtle (Sidar)
    Nelisha (Austrin)
    Onuksit (Hippus)
    Rigmora the Forgotten (Hippus)
    Rizuruk (Clan of Embers)
    Shealnis Ethnor (Svartalfar)