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More Lenses 5.0

Adds more lenses to the game

  1. astog
    More Lenses
    Compatible with Rise and Fall expansion
    The goal of this mod is to add more lenses to the game, that help with empire management and in general quality of life improvements. Currently there are 9 new lenses, but you are welcome to suggest new ones and I can add them.

    Track active development here.

    New lenses:

    Builder Lens:

    This lens highlights unimproved resources, hills and removable features. This lens auto applies when a builder is selected (can be disabled in the file. See FAQ).

    Spoiler Image :

    Red = Improved / Mountains / Sea with no resource
    White = Generic Tile
    Light Green = Removable Feature
    Green = Hill
    Purple = Resource / UA / Pillaged

    Archaeologist Lens:
    Highlights artifacts and shipwrecks. No longer do you need to hunt around the map for antiquity sites. Automatically applies when a archaeologist is selected (can be disabled in the file. See FAQ).

    Spoiler Image :

    City Overlap 6 or 9:
    Shows how many cities a particular hex overlaps with. Range 6 or 9. This lens will help you find that sweet spot where the maximum amount of cities overlap so you can build that district / wonder.

    Spoiler Image :

    The image below is with range 6. Note the teal spot in the center, that is where you want to place the OP Colosseum.

    Barbarian Lens:
    Highlights barbarian encampments on the map

    Spoiler Image :

    The encampment is on the top left of the map.

    Resource Lens:
    Highlights resources on the map based on their category (Bonus vs Strategic vs Luxury) and if they are connected or not.

    Spoiler Image :

    A little information overload here.

    Green = Bonus Resource
    Red = Strategic Resource
    Purple = Luxury Resource

    Wonder Lens:
    Highlights natural and player made wonders.

    Spoiler Image :

    The wonder on top is Mt. Everest, and below in Delhi are the Pyramids.

    Adjacency Yield Lens:
    One of the best parts about Civ 6 is the city / district placement. This lens shows the various adjacency bonuses in a gradient, allowing you to relish in your pristine city planning skills.

    Spoiler Image :

    Simple Hansa and Commercial hub combo. Look at those Hansa bonuses!

    Scout Lens:
    Highlights goody huts on the map. Automatically applies when a scout / ranger is selected (can be disabled in the file. See FAQ)

    Spoiler Image :

    • Get the latest version from this page or here if you prefer GitHub.
    • Extract the file to your Mods folder. For me this is in Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods
    • Activate the Mod in Additional Content inside Civilization VI.

    If you are using CQUI, this mod is already included in the latest nightly and requires no extra installation.

    If you are running any other mod that changes the following files, my mod will not be compatible.


    How did you add lenses?
    Spoiler :

    There isn't a built-in functionality to add lenses. I went around that by making the game think it is displaying Appeal Lens, but change the hexes being highlighted.

    Can I change what color is being used?

    Spoiler :

    You can find the colors in MoreLenses_Colors.sql. I used the following websites to find the values: website1, website2. Fair warning, colors on the map will look different from these websites mainly because on a civ 6 map the background to a lens'ed hex is usually a green plot or a blue sea. That mean blue starts to look like purple and all other issues. This was the main reason why I could only get the gradient to 8 distinguishable colors.

    Can I disable a lens being auto-applied, like the builder lens, archaeologist lens, scout lens?
    Spoiler :

    On top of MinimapPanel.lua you should find the following lines of code:
    -- Should the builder lens auto apply, when a builder is selected.
    local AUTO_APPLY_BUILDER_LENS:boolean = true;
    -- Should the archeologist lens auto apply, when a archeologist is selected.
    local AUTO_APPLY_ARCHEOLOGIST_LENS:boolean = true
    -- Should the scout lens auto apply, when a scout/ranger is selected.
    local AUTO_APPLY_SCOUT_LENS:boolean = true;
    change the respective line to false

    Can you dim the hexes to highlight the tile?
    Spoiler :

    Previously I posted a image of a lens where hexes irrelevant to the lens were dimmed to help the highlighted plots pop. Unfortunately during my play testing there is an upper limit to the amount of hexes NOT being dimmed (around 63). After this the lens would break and the map would turn black. I have it disabled currently but you can find the commented sections of the code and change that around.

    Does this mod work with CQUI?
    Spoiler :

    CQUI already incorporates this mod, and requires no extra installation.

    Current Issues:
    • If you encounter issues on reloading (like text not showing up correctly), quit the application (to desktop) and restart. This is a Firaxis bug.
    • For China's UA, the lens does not update until the next turn. This happens because the plot info does not update until the turn change.
    • The way modded lenses are handled (explained below) there could be bugs. If you find one please report them, and I will try to fix them.


    • Quill18 for the idea of the mod and the builder lens.
    • @sp00n for fixing the builder lens bug with wonders
    • @notque for finding the builder lens bug of highlighting rivers.
    • @bladex for the suggestion to highlight hills
    • @Laurana Kanan, @FaerunPlayer for suggesting the city overlap lens
    • @Zyxpsilon for suggesting the resource lens.
    • @CoccoBill for suggesting Wonder lens
    • @weregamer for suggesting Barbarian lens
    • @bostonbongrips for suggesting the Adjacency Yield lens


    Spoiler v0.1-v0.1.1 :

    • Added Builder Lens
    • Fixed issue with the builder lens remaining active after using all of his charges.
    • Fixed issue when playing as China, all wonders would show as Dark Green, and not just Ancient and Classical Wonders.
    • Fixed issue when playing in multiplayer, when the builder is captured, the builder lens would remain active.

    Spoiler v1.0 :

    This is a major update so stick with me
    • Changed logic how the modded lenses were being displayed to make it less buggy when switching between various lenses.
    • Fixed issue with builder lens not working when building a wonder with no prereq tech.
    • Changed the appearance of builder lens.
      • No longer paints red all over the map. Fixes issue of rivers being visible in undiscovered territory.
      • Highlights with light green removable features (jungle, forest)
      • Highlights hills with dark green
      • Highlights unimproved resources with purple.
    • Fixed issue with builder lens remaining active after a builder is deleted

    Now the good stuff:
    • Added Archaeologist Lens: Highlights artifacts and shipwrecks. Auto applies when a archeologist is selected.
    • Added City Overlap 6/9 Lens: Shows how many cities a particular hex overlaps with. Range 6 or 9.
    • Resource Lens: Highlights resources on the map based on their category (Bonus vs Strategic vs Luxury) and if they are connected or not.
    • Wonder Lens: Highlights natural and player made wonders.
    • Barbarian Lens: Highlights barbarian encampments.
    • Adjacency Yield Lens: Shows the different adjacency yields for districts in a gradient.
    • Scout Lens: Highlights goody huts on the map. Auto applies when selecting a scout or a ranger.

    Spoiler v1.1 :

    • Builder lens tracks technologies and civics. Nothing to do should properly apply. Example: Flat desert should appear red, unless you have an improvement that can be built on it. (ex: Great Wall)
    • Fixed Government lens not applying
    • Added Recommended Feature hex to builder lens that highlights flood plains, forest next to rivers, and plots next to wonders that give bonus yields.
    • Scout lens updates on movement of scout.
    • Fixed issue with the lens not deselecting the radio button when closing the lens legend.
    • Changed color for Archaeologist lens. Red for artifact, Green for Shipwrecks.
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Recent Reviews

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    Version: 4.2.3
    Of all the UI mods out there, this is my favorite.
  2. raki-can
    Version: 4.0
    This is very convenient for finding luxury resources that I have not yet obtained.
  3. nrh
    Version: 4.0
    Essential for large maps and complex multi-city planning
  4. raen
    Version: 1.3
    very nice addition, specially the barbarian camps :)
  5. Regul
    Version: 1.1
    Great addition! Now I can find those numerous spawning barbarian camps instead of getting rushed by their riders.
  6. WileyWilson
    Version: 1.1
    Great mod. I love that I can easily see outstanding improvements and where barb camps are.
  7. Hitesh12
    Version: 1.0
    Great mod! Thanks!
  8. CultureManiac
    Version: 1.0
    Fabulous. Makes looking for such things as barbarian camps, archaeological sites or new strategic resources very easy.
  9. bladex
    Version: 1.0
    can't see those pesky hills? tired of using map pins to mark all the ruins to excavate? AI just pillaged your whole cities tiles and you can't tell what to fix? than this mod is for you! Adds lens to see ALL that + more.