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More Lenses 5.0

Adds more lenses to the game

  1. Major update

    • Settings panel added. Auto apply setting for builder and scout. Added one extra setting to apply scout lens to all military units (disabled by default). Two settings for builder to disable "nothing to do" and "dangerous" plot highlighting.
    • Updated resource panel to show resource counts the player owns w.r.t. global discovered plots. Resource panel selection now is saved across turns and saves. The resource category checkbox now deselects rather than hides their respective resources.
    • City Overlap lens now changes 1-8 color range dynamically to the maximum number of cities overlapped. So if the range 9 is selected, and 15 cities are discovered to overlap, then the range will be 7-15.
    • Multiple builder lens fixes. Volcano won't be recommended as a ski resort. Seaside resort won't be recommended on top of an existing seaside resort.
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