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More Military Units Mod (Vanilla) 2016-10-05

More Military Units Mod (Vanilla)

  1. Quintillus
    This mod is designed for those who feel there just aren't enough units fighting during a war in Civilization IV. The solution: Change the cost of the units so they're cheaper. Veterans of Civilization III will notice that the new unit costs are based on the CivIII costs, but modified slightly where necessary for balance. All units except the Carrier, Stealth Bomber, and ICBM cost less than they previously did.

    New Building Costs:

    Barracks: 40 shields (from 60)
    All others have not changed.

    New Unit Costs:

    Spoiler :
    Archer: 20 shields (from 25)
    Artillery: 120 shields (from 150)
    Axeman: 30 shields (from 35)
    Battleship: 200 shields (from 225)
    Bomber: 100 shields (from 140)
    Camel Archer: 70 shields (from 90)
    Cannon: 60 shields (from 100)
    Caravel: 40 shields (from 60)
    Carrier: 180 shields (from 175)
    Catapult: 30 shields (from 40)
    Cavalry: 80 shields (from 120)
    Chariot: 20 shields (from 25)
    Cho-Ko-Nu: 40 shields (from 60)
    Conquistador: 70 shields (from 90)
    Cossack: 90 shields (from 120)
    Crossbowman: 40 shields (from 60)
    Destroyer: 120 shields (from 200)
    Explorer: 20 shields (from 40)
    Fast Worker: 10 shields, 2 movement points (from 60 shields, 3 movement points)
    Fighter: 80 shields (from 100)
    Frigate: 60 shields (from 90)
    Galleon: 50 shields (from 80)
    Galley: 30 shields (from 50)
    Grenadier: 70 shields (from 100)
    Gunship: 90 shields (from 160)
    Horse Archer: 40 shields (from 50)
    ICBM: 500 shields (from 500)
    Immortal: 20 shields (from 25)
    Infantry: 90 shields (from 140); no longer upgrades to SAM Infantry
    Ironclad: 90 shields (from 100)
    Jaguar: 30 shields (from 35)
    Jet Fighter: 100 shields (from 150)
    Keshik: 40 shields (from 50)
    Knight: 70 shields (from 90)
    Longbowman: 40 shields (from 50)
    Maceman: 50 shields (from 70)
    Machine Gun: 90 shields (from 125); no longer upgrades
    Marine: 110 shields (from 160); no longer upgrades
    Mechanized Infantry: 110 shields (from 200)
    Missionary: 30 shields (from 40)
    Modern Armor: 120 shields (from 240)
    Musketeer: 60 shields (from 80)
    Musketman: 60 shields (from 80)
    Navy SEAL: 110 shields (from 160)
    Panzer: 100 shields (from 180)
    Phalanx: 20 shields (from 35)
    Pikeman: 30 shields (from 60)
    Praetorian: 35 shields (from 45)
    Quechua: 10 shields (from 15)
    Redcoat: 80 shields (from 110)
    Rifleman: 80 shields (from 110)
    SAM Infantry: 100 shields (from 150)
    Samurai: 50 shields (from 70)
    Scout: 10 shields (from 15)
    Settler: 30 shields, 1 movement (from 100 shields, 2 movement)
    Skirmisher: 20 shields (from 25)
    Spearman: 20 shields (from 35)
    Spy: 50 shields (from 80)
    Stealth Bomber: 240 shields (from 200)
    Submarine: 100 shields (from 150)
    Swordsman: 30 shields (from 40)
    Tank: 100 shields (from 180)
    Transport: 100 shields (from 125)
    War Chariot: 20 shields (from 25)
    War Elephant: 50 shields (from 60)
    Warrior: 10 shields (from 15)
    Work Boat: 10 shields (from 30)
    Worker: 10 shields, 1 movement (from 60 shields, 2 movement)

    Instructions: Download the .zip file, unzip the contents (folder should be named "More Military Units", and move the "More Military Units" folder with all its contents to C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Civilization IV\Mods\, or wherever you installed Civilization IV.

    Any feedback is welcome. I haven't tested this extensively, just made sure it works, so despite my logic when I created this there may be some balance of power issues. Here are some things I'm almost certain will happen, and a few others that will be different from vanilla CivIV.

    Spoiler :

    Expected Gameplay Changes (things to prepare for):
    *Ancient and medieval era units will be more common be about 30-40%
    *Modern units will be 30-80% more common due to lower costs
    *Wars can be started earlier and losses can be replaced quicker
    *Technology becomes more important with relatively lower unit costs (those tanks and planes will be coming just a little bit quicker!)
    *It is cheaper to upgrade units (it'll feel like having Leonardo's Workshop from CivIII!)

    Possible Gameplay Changes (as a result of changes)
    *Changes in value of Artillery Stacks of Doom
    *Slightly lower Axeman value due to costing the same as Swordsman and more than Spearman
    *Higher Maceman value due to costing closer to what crossbows and longbows cost
    *Slightly lower War Elephant value
    *Lesser advantage for the Cossack over the Cavalry than in regular Vanilla CivIV
    *Increased use of Machine Guns due to not upgrading to SAMs
    *Unit Support Costs becoming much higher than usual (not sure how this will interfere/help AI strategy)

    Have fun!