More Miniatures for MGE 2019-05-15

Four square mountains and new units and terrains

  1. zygote101
    2019-05-15 18_13_50-Civilization II Multiplayer Gold.png 2019-05-15 18_11_46-Civilization II Multiplayer Gold.png Miniatures scaled down even further, large mountain chains and new terrains.

    Some rule changes and one map to demonstrate the mountains.

    From builders moving the sphinx to tribal hordes sweeping the steppe, these miniatures are as small as I could make them while keeping them fun.

    I have changed some units like the Tank, which is slow (1 movement) but powerful defensively, and the Super Tank which has the same stats as the battleship but only one movement.

    I have swapped the helicopter for dive bombers.

    Have fun!
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  1. Buck2005
    Version: 2019-05-15
    Hello! I like your minimalist style. I used some units from your past release to diversify the graphics of the original campaign. Most of all I like the units that are "detachments" (like the "boxes" of the legion, or phalanx). Unfortunately, not only the “civilization” series of the game, but also many other popular games of the genre strategy prefer to use in their design the idea of the “squad” as one single warrior. Yes, often this “warrior” is very well drawn (especially in modern games with 3D graphics). However, I am more impressed by the image of the whole squad. And I am even ready to close my eyes to a clear deterioration in image quality.
    I would appreciate it if you continue to create images in this style. Images of land military equipment, ships and aircraft seemed to me less successful, I did not use them. As for the images in your new collection, I can say the following. I used many of your images in the game, and based on this practice, I can say that the extremely bright "toxic" colors that you use for landscapes seem to me very unfortunate. Given that many of the units are literally several pixels, they are almost impossible to see on a bright background (even at maximum zoom).
    Best of all, your units are combined with soft vanilla colors (the original civ2 graphics, or the landscape color scheme close to it). I hope you find my review helpful. Thanks for your work.