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More Naval AI (FfH mod) 2.71

More Naval AI (FfH mod)

  1. Tholal
    Last updated on August 6th, 2017

    Version 2.71 of the More Naval AI mod.

    The original purpose of this mod was to once again get the AI sailing the high seas. It has since expanded to include numerous AI enhancements and tweaks.

    It also incorporates the B.U.G. interface mod and Enhanced WorldBuilder.

    New Game Options:
    • Advanced Tactics
    • Multiple Production
    • Puppet States
    • Revolutions

    This mod includes changes to many python and XML files, as well as a customized DLL.

    WARNING: Since this is being installed as a 'patch', it will copy over the files in the assets directory. Be sure to make a backup or keep the original FFH2 installer handy. This version of the mod is incompatible with any pre-existing saved games.

    For more info and discussions, please visit our forum at http://forums.civfanatics.com/forumdisplay.php?f=476

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  1. Version 2.71 released

Recent Reviews

  1. Terkhen
    Version: 2.71
    If you want to play Fall from Heaven II with a vastly improved AI and without bugs, this is your mod.
  2. Broken Hawk
    Broken Hawk
    Version: 2.71