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More Naval AI (FfH mod) 2.71

More Naval AI (FfH mod)

  1. Version 2.71 released

    • Infernals will no longer create the Glory Everlasting project
    • AI more interested in buildings that let them train units who are higher tier than any they currently own
    • some tweaks to AI_foundValue(); AI less interested in water tiles until it can work them; AI gives some value to Canal and Choke points
    • Added a couple of additional checks for isMaintainFeatures() that weren't in place before
    • increasing AIvalue for Mithril
    • increased AI minimum attack odds in a number of places; Patrol groups more likely to explore lairs and deal with nearby danger
    • slightly increased situational awareness when AI is valuing spells that add or remove promotions
    • tweaks to how AI values bonuses (using happiness, health and commerce weights when valuing bonuses that change those values; Sheaim should be more interested in Death mana; civs with desert terrain should be more interested in water mana
    • Loki will put less value on trying to turn cities that arent bordering his civ; AI should try to reserve a node for MetaMagic if pursuing a Tower Victory
    • account for isNoUnhappiness() and isNoUnhealthyPopulation() when determining AI_getHappinessWeight and AI_getHealthWeight respectively
    • minor tweaks to how the AI values pursuing Tower and Altar victories; tweak to the AI_magicCombatValue() function
    • added a hack to help the AI better evaluate the combat potential of Pyre Zombies
    • removed negative AIweights from Disciples, Lunatics and Asylums
    • AI should place a little more value on techs that allow commerce improvements and little less on religions; AI will place more value on feature clearing techs when they have blocked resources
    • AI will build more troops when at war; AI will use commerceWeight vlaues when valuing buildings that add commerce
    • increased minimum odds for a number of attack checks; added some randomness to how barbarians choose target cities; added some checks to try and encourage the AI to attack undefended cities; tweaked how the AI decides how big of a group it needs to attack a city

    • fix for an assert related to Advanced Diplomacy
    • the Revelation spell no longer has any pyRequirements (fix for issue #97)
    • Fix deal auto-cancelling bug
    • Fix for text not showing for Perfect Sight provided by Pallens Engine
    • Demonic Citizens are now flagged as Infernal only (fix for bugs #115 - Puppet States getting Demonic Citizens
    • Fix for players being able to make multiple Puppets from one civ
    • added a bunch of missing XML entries for various Advanced Diplomacy tags. Should help the AI be less crazy about offering deals when Advanced Tactics is on.
    • switched out text for a hint that had outdated info (bugs #122)
    • Fix for Embassy not showing in the Advanced Scoreboard (fix for issue #80)
    • Held units can no longer cast releaseFromCage
    • Updated scenarios to fix issue with them failing to load from the in-game menu (issue #113)
    • fix for error when using the auto Unit Naming option with UNITAI_ANIMAL
    • AI / Code - Adding CIV4YieldInfos.xml to the mod. It was defaulting to base Civ4 values which gave Production a weight of 110%, food 100% and commerce 80%. They are now all 100%. The AI does lots of situational calculating in the DLL and these weight values arent really needed for this mod.
    • removed a hacky section of AI code I had added a while back; Tweak to keep the AI from building too many ships for escorting missionaries

    User Interface
    • River of Blood message will now include the name of the affected city as well as the real amount of population lost
    • research bonuses from Bonuses are now displayed as a percenatge increase in the research mouseover in the city screen
    • when viewing improvement upgrade times in debug mode, interface will take into account civ-specific improvements for the player owning the plot

    • Puppet States now get a few more initial defenders on creation
    • Dragons are now Disease Immune
    • Workboats no longer flagged as MilitaryProduction
    • Disabled POWtrading for the Writing tech (didnt want to remove the tag entirely and break save games)
    • Barbarian cities with culture can no longer be culture flipped (may effect mods!)

    • Additional logging
    • removed some obsolete hardcode related to Freak Shows
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