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More Naval AI unofficial (archive) 2.9-beta3u-hotfix

Continuation of Tholal's More Naval AI mod for Fall from Heaven

  1. lfgr
    Forum Thread: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/mnai-u-unofficial-build-bugfixes.645898

    Installation instructions:
    • Download and install Fall from Heaven 0.41 and patch "o" from here.
    • Copy or move the the "Mods/Fall from Heaven 2" folder to "Mods/More Naval AI".
    • Extract mnai-2.9-beta3u-hotfix.zip into "Mods" (or extract the contents of the "More Naval AI" folder inside the archive into "Mods/More Naval AI"). If you do everything right, you probably have to confirm that you want to overwrite files, and in the end there should be a folder "Mods/More Naval AI/doc".

Recent Updates

  1. Version 2.9-beta3u-hotfix
  2. Version 2.9-beta3u