More Notifification 1.0.4

Allows you to add your own notifications more easily + Example

  1. Gueux
    Modify The Notification Game file to easily add notification to your mod

    if need help to create your notif just ask me :)
    just need 1 LuaEvents with a table LuaEvents.CustomNotification_OnDefaultAddNotification(pNotification);

    IMPORTANT: You should not use the event "GameEvents.PlayerTurnStarted": the game could crash, you should use "GameEvents.PlayerTurnStartComplete" instead

    IMPORTANT : This mod INCLUDES REWORKED VERSIONS of FearSunn's Population notification, Religion notification, Barbarians notification, Borders notification and Deal expired notification.

    2018-06-01 (1).png 2018-06-01.png 2018-06-09.png 2018-06-11 (2).png 2018-06-11 (3).png 2018-06-11.png 2018-06-11 (6).png

Recent Updates

  1. fix forupdate and DLC
  2. Same version
  3. Fix update
  4. Fixed crash
  5. Fix bug
  6. GS update
  7. Author Gave me right To use his notifications reworked by me
  8. Add a tutorial
  9. Reupload