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More (or Less) Religions 2020-02-21

This mod lets one change/set the number of religions allowed in the game.

  1. Trigan Emperor
    This is a simple mod that lets one change/set the number of religions allowed in the game by editing the mod's XML file.

    By default, the mod is set to allow more religions, but the number can be adjusted to one's preference to allow more, or less, religions.

    Note that the vanilla game only has enough religious Beliefs for nine religions, so if more than nine religions are desired, one will need to use a mod such as 'Religion Expanded' to add more Beliefs to the game. This mod just sets the maximum number of allowed religions. Since the vanilla game is set to allow a maximum of only seven religions, it's recommended to add extra Beliefs if using more than this number. More Beliefs will be needed for maps larger than Standard size, if using this mod's default settings.

    Here are the number of religions allowed at each map size in the vanilla game and with this mod's default settings:

    Map size: Vanilla game / This mod's default settings

    Duel: 2 / 2
    Tiny: 3 / 4
    Small: 4 / 6
    Standard: 5 / 8
    Large: 6 / 10
    Huge: 7 / 12

    To change the mod's default number of allowed religions, open up the mod's More_or_Less_Religions.XML file (for example with Notepad) and change the MaxWorldInstances value to match the number of religions desired at the relevant map size.

    Even with the added Beliefs of the 'Religion Expanded' mod, the maximum number of religions should not exceed 12, or 16 with the 'Tomatekh's Historical Religions' mod enabled.


    Compatible with the base game and expansions.

    Works with the 'Religion Expanded' and 'Tomatekh's Historical Religions' mods. This mod is set to load after the 'Religion Expanded' mod, which means that the number of allowed religions in that mod will be overridden by the settings in this mod. So 'Religion Expanded' can be used to add more Beliefs to the game, 'Tomatekh's Historical Religions' can be used to add more named religions, and this mod can be used to fine-tune the desired maximum allowed number of religions.

    May not be compatible with other mods that change the number of allowed religions.

    [This mod can be found on Steam Workshop here.]