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More Unique Components for Vox Populi 43

More Unique Components, compatible with Vox Populi - official release

  1. v41, for VP 01/29

    v41: 01/29 Compatibility
    - replaced Medic I on Langskib with Blockade
    - Changed Teutonic Order from YieldsOnVictory to new YieldsOnVictoryGlobal
    - Added YieldsOnFaithPurchase to Madrasa (15% faith cost to science). Deleted old lua
    - Added 2 free iron to Alti Cur
    - Increased SPAD RCS by 2 (a little too weak after fighter nerf)
    - tweaked/modified:
    - Madrasa ==> Added 5 Cu/Sci/Fai on GP expend
    - Grande Ecole ==> Removed production pop scaler. Increased base yields
    - simplified:
    - Aztec UA ==> Deleted lua for dummy promotion (trait table does same thing)
    - Seir Morb ==> Lua trigger now fires on combat resolution instead of unit movement.
    - Madrasa ==> Deleted lua (see above)
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