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Mother 3: Nowhere Islands 4.1

[BNW] Adds the Nowhere Islands led by Lucas to Civilization V

  1. MariusMagnus
    From Nowhere comes young Lucas, poised to lead Tazmily Village to greatness!

    UA: Hidden Sanctuary - Cattle, Sheep, and Deer are treated as luxury resources. Units, Buildings, and Routes are maintenance-free so long as more than 75% of the world's culture remains unknown to Nowhere, or until the Modern Era.

    UB: Prayer Sanctuary - Replaces the shrine. +2 Faith, +1 Culture if the city has a majority religion, quantifies to +3 Culture if that religion is a pantheon.

    UU: Drago - Replaces the Knight. Slow, but powerful unit that terrifies nearby enemies. May only attack if it starts its turn at half HP or less.

    Compatible with 3rd Unique Component, 4th Unique Component, Map Labels, Civ IV Traits in Civ V, Vox Populi

    Credits: Whoward69, Typhlomence

    To install, simply move the downloaded zip file to your mods directory and unzip.

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