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Mountain Climber 2016-10-05

Mountain Climber

  1. xooll
    A proof-of-concept mod for a unit that can carry other land units across mountains.
    PLAYING: Run like any other mod, with a mod launcher or a shortcut. You should be able to build climbers if you can build explorers.

    MERGING: Easy!
    Copy ClimberText.xml directly into your mod's Assets\XML\Text\ folder, no need to do anything else for that.
    Copy the top UnitClassInfo group from Civ4UnitClassInfos.xml into your mod's Civ4UnitClassInfos.xml file.
    Copy the top UnitInfo group from Civ4UnitInfos.xml into your mod's Civ4UnitInfos.xml file.


    1. climbers_1hU.jpg