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Mozarab Infantry 2016-10-05

Quite simple... not my best unit, but will serve its purpose I hope. I included needed icons and sounds.

Some background information provided by ozymandias:

From the Encyclopedia Brittanica:

"Spanish Mozárabe (from Arabic musta'rib, “arabicized”), any of the Spanish Christians living under Muslim rule (8th–11th century), who, while unconverted to Islam, adopted Arabic language and culture. Separate Mozarab enclaves were located in the large Muslim cities, especially Toledo, Córdoba, and Sevilla (Seville), where they formed prosperous communities ruled by their own officials."

From Another Source (etymological):

"One of a group of Spanish Christians who adopted certain aspects of Arab culture under Muslim rule but practiced a modified form of Christian worship. ETYMOLOGY: Spanish Mozárabe, from Arabic musta‘rib, would-be Arab, active participle of ista‘raba, to become an Arab, adopt Arabic customs, from ‘arab, Arab."
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