Much More Music Mega Mix Module 1.8 2016-10-05

Much More Music Mega Mix Module 1.8

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    This is a module for Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn adding several hours of music for each era. Industrial, Trans-Human and Future eras now have their own music list, different from Modern era. All the other eras have added music too.

    I have also created a new OpeningMenuCiv4.mp4

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    1. Extract the archive file to your Rise of Mankind - A new Dawn folder
    2. Start the launcher and check the mod is installed in "Community -> Modules". It should list More Music
    Spoiler :

    3. Enjoy :)


    If you don't like any of the music files in your game, all you have to do is to find it in one of Assets\Sounds\NEW sub-folders and delete it. It is also true about the new main menu song. You can delete it and the game will load again the good old Baba Yetu song. Its location is: Assets\Sounds\Soundtrack\OpeningMenuCiv4.mp4

    I have added a simple "Add your own music" mechanic, by adding blank, placeholder files and lines to the right xml files. This allows players to add their own era related music choises to the mod.
    To do so you must do the following:
    1. Rename your files to XX.mp3 where XX can be a number from 01 to 20.
    2. Go to your Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn\Assets\Sounds\NEW folder.
    3. Choose one of the 7 era labeled folders and copy yourmusic files into it overwriting the blank music files. Files 01.mp3 to 20.mp3 are all of 0sec length, they have no real use until you replace them with some real music.
    4. Run the game and enjoy :)

    Spoiler :
    -Renassaince era: removed Cossaks 2 tracks, added 5 tracsk from Europa Universalis IV
    -Industrial era: removed all previously added tracks (from Fallout3, The sims and other swing style music) and replaced them with ones that are more related to the industrial era. These are from Victoria 2 and some TV shows like Road to Avonlee and Downton Abbey and some others.
    -Modern era: 7 new tracks mostly from city building games.
    -Trans-Human: 2 new tracks from Worldshift.

    -add 4 tracks to Ancient era
    -remove GTA tracks from Modern era and 2 other from Ancient (they didn't fit to the atmosphere of the rest of the list)

    -add modInfo.xml

    -add music for Future era
    -reworked file structure and instalation. (Now it needs to run WoCInstaller.exe after every update of tha main mod, but Audio2DScripts.xml and AudioDefines.xml won't need to be overwriten, thus the sound files are always up to date)

    -changed packed archives language to English

    - add 4 more tracks for the Acient era
    - add 11 more tracks for the Industrial era
    - removed some music from the Industrial era track list, that were also present in the Modern era. Now every track is only present in only one era (except for Future era, which is the same as Trans-human
    - the archive is now self-extracting

    - "Add your own music" placeholder blank files added.

    - CIV4EraInfos.xml is now modular, changing only the soundtrack list. It has no impact on gameplay at all.
    - Removed some music not fitting in their eras (PanzerGenerals from Industrial and RedAlert from Modern eras)
    - Added a lot of new music for Transhuman era (and Future era as well). Now Transhuman era has a completely new playlist, different from Modern ear.


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