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Multi Russian Infantry 2016-10-05

Multi Russian Infantry

  1. Wotan49
    Created by Imperator1961

    Imperial Russian Army Infantry Division
    from World in flame: WW1 ru1 Part1.

    Multi by Wotan49
    At the outbreak of the war, Tsar Nicholas II appointed his cousin, Grand Duke Nicholas as Commander-in-Chief.
    On mobilization, the Russian army totalled 115 infantry and 38 cavalry divisions with nearly 7,900 guns
    (7,100 field guns, 540 field howitzers and 257 heavy guns). There were only 2 army ambulances and 679 cars.
    Divisions were allocated as follows: 32 infantry and 10.5 cavalry divisions to operate against Germany,
    46 infantry and 18.5 cavalry divisions to operate against Austria-Hungary,
    19.5 infantry and 5.5 cavalry divisions for the defence of the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea littorals,
    and 17 infantry and 3.5 cavalry divisions were to be transported in from Siberia and Turkestan.


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