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Multiple Unit per Tile 2016-11-07

Small mod to enable multiple units in a tile

  1. gyogen2
    Just a small mod that allows multiple units to enter a tile without swapping out

    The number of units allowed in a tile can be adjusted by editing :

    and changing the GlobalParameters value.

    I had it set to 3 for testing.

Recent Reviews

  1. The Happy Dalek
    The Happy Dalek
    Version: 2016-11-07
    I love this mod but it has one crippling flaw. For some reason when using the mod, all great people "are already claimed". If this was fixed, 5 stars.
  2. @Rob76
    Version: 2016-11-07
    Works well, and it cancels the tactical awkwardness and strategic stupidity of 1upt.