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Myth: Fall of the Gods 2016-10-05

The Gods are becoming increasingly cruel and flaunt their power, wantonly destroying property and people. They must be stopped!

In the first age of Middle Earth, the Hero Tellarion Cast down the Dark Lord Kuron with an extremely powerful weapon, The Flaming Sword. In the battle Kuron was killed and travelled to the Underworld with the Sword. The God of the Underworld Deamos attempted to gain possesion of it. However Kuron tricked Deamos and managed to return to Middle Earth with the Flaming Sword of Tellarion.

The power held in this sword is the key to overthrowing the Gods that plague Middle Earth and its inhabitants. Kuron now controls a vast empire known as Itheria. A path must be cut through to the centre of this empire and the Sword recovered from the hands of the Dark Lord in Khundar.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE
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