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Narnia V2.1 2016-10-05

Narnia V2.1

  1. Jwitti
    This mod is my first, the second version of the other that I uploaded.

    Changes are as follows:
    Narnia (Peter, CHA/CRE/ORG; Caspian X, CRE/ORG/AGG)
    Carlomen (Tisroc Rabadash, SPI/AGG)
    Archenland (King Lune, PRO/CRE; Ram,EXP/IND)
    The Lone Islands (Lord Bern, ORG/PHI)
    Telmar (Caspian I, AGG/EXP)
    Centaur Knight (UU for Narnia, Knight, +1 mp, ignores terrain cost, +25% vs Melee)
    Three Hundred Horse (UU for Carlomen, Horse Archer, 1/2 cost, +1 first strike)
    Mountain Man (UU for Archenland, Worker, 1str, can't attack, +100% vs Animals [An unfortunate side affect is that Archenland starts with one and the AIs use it for exploration]
    Exploration Ship (UU for Lone Islands, Caravel, +1mp, +1 special cargo)
    Conquerer (UU for Telmar, Great General, nothing special atm)
    Missionaries for Aslan and Tash religions
    Palace of Cair Paravel (UB for Narnia, Palace, +50% culture, +2xp for all units)
    Temple of Tash (UB for Carlomen, same as Aztec Sacrificial temple)
    Grand Market (UB for Lone Islands, Market, +40% gold instead of +25%)
    Mountain Castle (UB for Archenland, Castle, free Guerrilla I for land units)
    Training Ground (UB for Telmar, Barracks, +5 xp)
    Shrine, Temple, Monastery, and Cathedral for Aslan and Tash religions
    Faith in Aslan (req. Monarchy)
    Worship of Tash (req. Bronze Working)

    Thank you to Radio Noer for the bones when I started. Thank you for the BUG mod people. Thank you for the Tutorials I used to fix the diplomacy text. And thank you for short, slightly grammatically incorrect sentences, without which my credits would be boring. Oh, and C.S. Lewis for the books. Good books, they are.

    Also, to The_J for helping me fix it. Stupid graphics.

    Please tell me comments and suggestions. Actually, I'd love it if someone could isolate the centaur graphics from FFH for me, because I think it would take me forever. And a better LH for Peter would be nice.. Alexander was the first to come to mind.

    V2.002: changed the favorite religions of the leaders to Aslan or Tash
    V2.1: It works with 3.19 now!!!! YAY!!! (But, no BUG)


    1. civ4screenshot0557_nE7.jpg
    2. civ4screenshot0558_QGI.jpg
    3. civ4screenshot0562_0fv.jpg
    4. civ4screenshot0571_OZQ.jpg
    5. civ4screenshot0582_Rm5.jpg