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Nazca Civilization 2016-10-05

Nazca Civilization

  1. Pouakai

    Nazca - Cahuachi

    Widely known for the enormous geoglyphs of animals and other designs which they created in the deserts of their empire, the Nazca culture existed for approximately 900 years in the high Andean deserts of what is now Southern Peru. From what little is known of the Nazca people, it is clear that the Nazca had vast networks of underground aqueducts, connected by Puquois to the towns in which they lived, allowing a source of fresh water even in the harsh desert. The Nazca culture disappeared sometime around 800 CE, leaving behind the massive geoglyphs which are known as the Nazca Lines, the Puquois and the massive city of Cahuachi.
    Ceremonial Sites - Each City and Geoglyph in the empire generates points towards a :c5goldenage: Golden Age. Upon the founding of the first four cities, recieve :c5culture: Culture equal to half the cost of the next Social Policy.
    Unique Improvement: Geoglyph, requires Agriculture. Provides +1 of a specific yield for each Pre-medieval Social Policy tree adopted. This is increased to +2 upon the tree being completed. Must be built on a flat desert tile
    Unique Building: Puquios, replaces Watermill. Causes the city to become a source of fresh water, and as such does not need to be built next to an existing source.

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