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Nazi Germany - Standarten Version v1.2 Std

Germany has some military attributes, plus all buildings & units of all civs. Aztec Req.

  1. ReichAdler
    Updates now via STEAM Workshop


    Adolf Hitler, Der Fuhrer of Germany. Rise & Fall & Gathering Storm Compatible.

    Introduces Adolf Hitler as a leader for Germany. Der Fuhrer brings strong workers, an extra spy and a military policy slot to Germany.

    Leader Trait: Triumph of the Will
    Through the ReichArbeitsDienst, Hitler fields a great worker force, with an extra build and the ability to assist with wonder production. Through the Gestapo, an extra spy is available, plus a higher level of intel on foreign nations. He also adds an additional military card slot through his personal supervision of the Wehrmacht.

    Leader Trait: Wunder Waffe
    Military specialisation and rapid application of new ideas enables over 50 unique units, including the Tiger Tank.

    Mod also adds National Socialism as a 'religion'.
    Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm DLC Compatible.
    Has 'Yet not Another Maps Pack' (YnAMP) True Start Locations.

    'Wonder Tweaks' is a recommendation, not mandatory. But the game plays better with it.

    *This mod has a Nazi theme, so if you are politically correct &/or easily offended... or it's illegal in your country... simply do not download it. You control your own happiness.

    Aztec DLC Required
    Other DLC optional: will give more buildings etc if enabled.

    Download & place the Germany folder into your 'C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\my games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods' directory. then from the blue start menu, select addition content & tick the box. To play with the nation, select it as Adolf Hitler.

    v1.2 added full DLC support.
    v1.1 added leader & nation graphics, plus loading screens. Polish bonuses added.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Hubert Michalak
    Hubert Michalak
    Version: v1.2 Std
    Normalization of Nazi.
  2. herrflick
    Version: v1.1 Std
    Really well thought-out and well executed mod. Complementing what should be in the default game to begin with.