Neighborhood has yields and Theater Square adjacency

Neighborhood has yields and Theater Square adjacency 1.1

Added some buffs to Neighborhood and made them give yields like a City Center.


1. Neighborhood and Mbanza give standard adjacency bonus (+1 Culture) to Theater Square.

- More people will visit museums if they are close to residential areas. Theater Square also doesn't have much adjacency bonuses so I added one more.

2. Neighborhood provides +2 Food and +1 Production like the City Center.

- I wanted to make Neighborhoods work their tile like the City Center because people live there. It's unfortunately hardcoded so the best I can do is give +2 Food and +1 Production.

3. Mbanza provides additionally +2 Food and +2 Production. Total of +4 Food, +2 Production, +4 Gold.

- To take into account that Mbanzas are usually built on Woods, they get +1 Production in addition to what Neighborhoods provide.

4. Allowed Food Market and Shopping Mall to be built together.

- Both buildings and the Neighborhood are rather weak so I don't see the point in adding this restriction.

5. Food Market - Added +2 Gold when unpowered, and +1 Gold and +1 Amenity when powered.

6. Increased the Tourism of Shopping Mall from +4 to +6 Tourism.
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