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Neighborhood Infrastructure - Rise and Fall 2.00

Buildings for the Neighborhood

  1. UncivilizedGuy
    Various Buildings that require the Neighborhood.

    All buildings gain +1 Housing with a Governor in the city.

    Buildings are relatively inexpensive and have a prerequisite building from another district.


    • Police Station: +2 Loyalty per turn, +10 Outer Defense Strength. Requires Military Academy and Ballistics.
    • Fire Station: +1 Loyalty per turn, +1 Housing, +10 Outer Defense Strength. Requires Renaissance Walls and Scorched Earth.
    • Cemetery: +1 Loyalty per turn, +2 Faith. Requires any House of Worship and Urbanization.
    • Public School: +1 Loyalty per turn, +1 Science. Requires University and Scientific Theory.
    • Train Station: +2 Loyalty per turn, +1 Production, +1 Food, +3 Gold. Requires Shipyard and Steel.
    • Pumping Station: +1 Loyalty per turn, +1 Housing. Requires Sewer and Electricity.
    • Community Center: +1 Loyalty per turn, +1 Culture, +1 Amenity, +1 Great Work of Music slot. Requires Museum and Urbanization.
    • Post Office: +2 Loyalty per turn, +1 Great Work of Writing Slot. Requires Hangar and Mass Media.
    • Gymnasium: +1 Loyalty per turn, +2 Amenities. Requires Stadium and Professional Sports.
    • Public Pool: +1 Loyalty per turn, +2 Amenity. Requires Aquatics Center and Professional Sports.
    • Telecom Network: +2 Loyalty per turn, +3 Gold, +1 Science, +1 Culture, +1 Amenity. Requires Power Plant and Radio.

    Changes to existing buildings:

    • Grocery Store (Food Market renamed): Requires Granary. No longer mutually exclusive to the Shopping Mall.
    • Shopping Mall: +4 Gold. Requires Stock Exchange. No longer mutually exclusive to the Food Market.