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New City-State Types 1.0

Provides the framework for new City-State types, like Maritime City-States!

  1. kantorr
    Ahoy, Suzerains! A new City-State type has arrived to Civilization VI: the Maritime City-State. This mod will is required to run any of my City-State packs error-free. The automatic dependency system for mods is unreliable, so ensure this mod is Enabled in the Additional Content screen any time you play with my City-State packs. This mod by itself will provide no additional City-States, check out the links below for the City-State packs.

    In the future I will update this mod to include three more City-State types: Agrarian, Metropolitan, and Leisure.

    Below are the Envoy bonuses for the Maritime City-State type:
    Spoiler :

    1 Envoy: +1 Food and +3 Gold in the Capital
    3 Envoys: +2 Gold and +2 Production in every Harbor district.
    6 Envoys: +1 Production to Coast tiles in every city with a Harbor.

    Check out the City-State Packs that use this mod:
    South American City-States
    Caribbean City-States

    This mod is in its Phase 1/4 release. Please report any crashes/bugs/misbehaviors in the comments or preferrably a message on Reddit. Also feel free, nay, obligated to leave your suggestions for current or future content.

    **I'm all for anyone using my code to learn how to mod. I don't need credits or anything, and you can straight copy and paste any code you find in my mods. After all, modding is just remixing Firaxis's code.**

    This mod will have issues with any UI mod that alters the trade route menu and the Civilopedia.