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New Continent Names Better Names 1.1

New Continent Names from Agacia to Zinaida.

  1. PonderThis
    There are too many default continent names in Civ VI that sound far too similar to one another. Like my New Continent Names mod, this replaces all of them.

    This mod was originally named "New Continent Names (Reloadable)" but since reloadability is no longer an issue I've renamed it.

    Using what I considered the most "continenty-sounding" entries from CitizenNames_Text.xml the list is:
    • Agacia
    • Bahiti
    • Cantara
    • Daxia
    • Electra
    • Florida
    • Garanda
    • Hypatia
    • Inessa
    • Jumo
    • Kashiya
    • Leipoxis
    • Magdalena
    • Nevada
    • Ortensia
    • Pelagia
    • Qiaolian
    • Radcliff
    • Savatari
    • Thyra
    • Utkarsh
    • Virginia
    • Wigstan
    • Xavier
    • Yanlin
    • Zinaida
    If you'd rather put in your own names, try the Civ VI Continent Names Editor.

Recent Updates

  1. Renamed Mod and Changed One Name