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New Continent Names 1.1

New Continent Names from Astounding to Zounds.

  1. PonderThis
    There are too many default continent names in Civ VI that sound far too similar to one another. The zip file actually contains two mods that replace them.

    New Continent Names
    This mod replaces the default continent names with the following:
    • Astounding
    • Beautiful
    • Capacious
    • Delightful
    • Excellent
    • Fantastic
    • Generous
    • Habitable
    • Incredible
    • Jovial
    • Keystone
    • Lovely
    • Magnificent
    • Noble
    • Outstanding
    • Pleasant
    • Quaint
    • Remarkable
    • Sensational
    • Terrific
    • Ultimate
    • Valiant
    • Wonderful
    • Xanadu
    • Yonder
    • Zealous
    New Continent Names With Greek Letters
    This mod uses the above list and adds "Alpha" through "Omega" for greater variety.

    Usage Note
    If you do not want both mods listed, go to your mods directory (typically C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI) and:
    • To keep only "New Continent Names", delete NewContinentNamesWithGreekLetters.modinfo
    • To keep only "New Continent Names With Greek Letters", delete NewContinentNames.modinfo
    If you'd rather put in your own names, try the Civ VI Continent Names Editor.