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New Destiny v3.0 2016-10-05

New Destiny v3.0

  1. lord_graywolfe
    Please remove the old version before installing the new version

    there is now an additional upgrade for New Destiny, file name upgrade1, it adds 4 new religions and the techs to go with them to the game. same link as the full version

    ND v3.0 248MB
    This includes all 10 patches to 2.0. it also has a change to the Dido leaderhead, adds the unit allegiance mod, the water animals mod( just the waterspout), puts the glance screen back in, upgrades unit graphics to diversica .95 and upgrades to willowmounds lastest actual quotes.

    there are also patches avalible here, there are currently 10. these are for 2.0 and 2.5 http://forums.civfanatics.com/showth...20#post6319420

    ND v2.5 230MB
    Includes first 5 patches with the original 2.0

    ND v2.1 228MB

    ND v2.0 227MB
    Added the Iroquois back in from diversica
    Added Australia from civ gold
    Added new units
    the jeep by snafusmith
    and the hummer
    the robot tank suggested and graphics provided by SOG
    upgraded diversica to version .90
    upgraded JPKs events
    added in icebreaker by Orion
    new civics added for late game
    fixes many of the minor problems from v1.5
    all civs now have 2 UUs, in the last version i had missed putting in several.
    added trafalgar square by Asioasioasio

    ok i think that is everything, if i missed anything or forgot to give anyone the credit thy are due im sorry just let me know and ill take care of it