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New diplomatic music for Willem van Oranje 2016-10-05

New diplomatic music for Willem van Oranje

  1. lionheart
    Willem van Oranje's diplomatic music has provoked some mixed reactions. While people do seem to like the early and middle music, the late music (with it's carnavalesque sounds in the background) is a little bit too much on the funny side.. So, I decided to see if I could remedy that. I took the national anthem ('Het Wilhelmus') as a basis. The song was named after Willem van Oranje, it deals with his life and it was written around 1574, which is during his lifetime.. So this is all the more reason to use this song as the basis for his diplomusic..

    The early theme has some drums, heavy brassworks and sounds quite threatening before turning into something endearing through the use of small, high pitched instruments.

    The middle theme is the more stately theme, currently played whenever the Queen (and other members of the royal family) arrive somewhere. It's slightly slower than the other versions and definitely a very beautiful rendition.

    The late theme is 'Het Wilhelmus' as performed by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (the Netherlands' most famous symphony orchestra). It was played during a concert that was donated to the Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and his then fiancee Maxima in honour of their upcoming marriage.

    In order to install this small mod, copy the contents of the .zip file to the CivilizationIV\BeyondtheSword\Assets\Sounds\Diplomacy folder and replace the old files. (You can ofcourse also paste the .mp3's somewhere else to listen to them first)