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New Era Settler Mod 1.43

Restricts Settlers to each new era or extreme cost.

  1. Das Capitolin
    If you would like to slow the expansion of civilizations by limiting the production of Settlers, then this is the mod for you!

    This mod restricts the expansion of civilizations in early game. A free Settler is granted each time the player enters a new era. Alternatively, producing a Settler requires 10 population and 1000 production, and reduces 5 population once completed. Captured Settlers will become Builders, preventing civilizations from expanding too quickly. Compatible with Civilization VI (vanilla), Rise & Fall, and Gathering Storm. Download here, or subscribe on Steam here.

    Other related mods: Disable Religion Holy Site, Disable Rockband, and Disable Spaceport.

    New Era Settler Production Cost.jpg New Era Settler Purchase Cost.jpg

    REMEMBER TO ENABLE MOD! Open Civilization VI. From the menu go to Additional Content, then choose Mods. Left-click on the mod, and press the Enable button. Start a new game.

    NOTICE: An issue exists in the lua code that causes causes computer players to receive a Settler unit when starting a new game in later eras and AI establishes their capital. Only Ancient era starts will prevent the AI from having an extra Settler (unless set to Deity difficulty).

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