New Era Settler +Walls 1.60

Restricts Settlers to each new era or extreme cost. Cities get free walls.

  1. Das Capitolin
    This mod slows the expansion of civilizations in early game by limiting Settlers and early city capture. A new Settler is granted at no cost with each new era. Cities will automatically receive Ancient Walls, and City-States will have improved walls. Settlers become Builders upon capture, preventing enemy civilizations from expanding too quickly. If you choose not to wait, producing a Settler requires 10 population and costs 400 production (500%) while reducing 3 population once completed. AI is restricted to one starting Settler, unless set to Immortal difficulty where they will receive another upon founding their Capital.

    Compatible with Civilization VI (vanilla), Rise & Fall, and Gathering Storm. Download here, or subscribe on Steam here.

    New Era Settler Production Cost.jpg New Era Settler Purchase Cost.jpg

    REMEMBER TO ENABLE MOD! Open Civilization VI. From the menu go to Additional Content, then choose Mods. Left-click on the mod, and press the Enable button. Start a new game.

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.60: Resolved dependency issue.
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  3. 1.56
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  5. 1.50
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Recent Reviews

  1. Dallers
    Version: 1.43
    Excellent thank you! Just what I needed.