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New Horizons 2016-10-05

New Horizons

  1. Machiavelli24
    New Horizons completely changes every Virtue, Military Unit, Colonist, Cargo, Spacecraft, Tile Improvement, Terrain and Resource yields and more! New Horizons is more than a mere "balance patch" that tries tweak a few things around the edges while keeping the body the same. With a holistic eye New Horizons makes changes that combine to be more than the sum of their parts. Old heuristics will need to be replaced, new strategies will need to be learned, get ready to experience a new Beyond Earth.

    • Completely new Pre-Game choices (Colonists, Cargo, Spacecraft)
    • Completely new Virtues
    • Completely changed Military units
    • Completely changes ring 1 and 2 technologies and buildings
    • Changes to tile Improvements
    • Other smaller changes

    See more information at the discussion thread.


    1. newhorizons_splash_hV5.jpg