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New Terra (old) 2016-10-05

New Terra (old)

  1. lindsay40k
    Hi! If you're reading this, you probably clicked an old link or bookmark to this file. I often make tweaks to this map, and the most recent version can be found here. I kept this version up as there's links to this URL; please pop over to the new one and enjoy :)

    84/52 Earth map. 18 civs, distributed with a mind for balance, aesthetic terrain, interesting landmarks, and three "new" civs requiring no mods - including island-hopping Polynesia (who IMO are great fun to play!) and the Narrinjeri of Australia.

    Civs present: England, France, Rome, Carthage, Zulu, Egypt, Persia, Russia, Mongols, Khmer, Japan, Inuit, Sioux, Aztecs, Mayans, Incans, Polynesians, Narrinjeri.


    1. ishot_569_eyS.jpg
    2. ishot_568_J51.jpg
    3. ishot_567_gW1.jpg
    4. ishot_566_l2o.jpg
    5. ishot_565_U42.jpg