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New Terra 2016-10-05

New Terra

  1. lindsay40k
    84/52 Earth map. 18 civs, distributed with a mind for balance, aesthetic terrain, interesting landmarks, historical flavour and three "new" civs requiring no mods - the island-hopping Polynesians (who IMO are great fun to play!), the Narrinjeri of Australia, and the Inuit.

    Civs present: England, France, Rome, Carthage, Zulu, Egypt, Persia, Russia, Mongols, Khmer, Japan, Inuit, Sioux, Aztecs, Mayans, Incans, Polynesians, Narrinjeri.

    To play this map: download, unzip, find the Civ4BTS folder in your Documents, open Saves > Worldbuilder and drop it in. It will now be a Scenario you can play in single or multi.

    I've endeavoured to make the correct location of every BTS Civ's Capital an enjoyable and characterful spot to start. If you'd like to play a Civ or Leader who's not present in this version, drop me a line and I can make a version of New Terra with different factions.

    Map variants: Cold War - no civs playable but USA, USSR and China. Old Terra - Indigenous American peoples versus an Old World full of Barbarians.

    If you enjoy this map, or have feedback or suggestions, please pop over here and leave a comment :)

    Map version 1.10: Relocated Incan start area to correct site of Cusco. Work done on Persian, English and Mongol start areas. Start areas of numerous absent Civs also tinkered. 15.Nov.2012

    This map used to be primarily hosted here. Ignore the old link, this is the one that's updated when I tweak the map.


    1. ishot_590_W5V.jpg
    2. ishot_591_59P.jpg
    3. ishot_592_7cy.jpg
    4. ishot_593_Q19.jpg
    5. ishot_594_Z1X.jpg
    6. ishot_595_2Tj.jpg