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New Top Civs Splash Screens 2016-10-05

New Top Civs Splash Screens

  1. Zebra 9
    New Top Civs Splash Screens MOD COMP v0.1

    Version: 0.1
    Langages Used: Python, XML
    By: Zebra 9
    Multiplayer Compatible: Shouldn't affect MP games

    Adds 3 new Top Civ screen types, Nuclear, Airforce, Navy. They will only display if there is at least 1 Nuke/Air Domain/Sea Domain non-barb unit on the map.

    1) Unzip into "My Documents\My Games\Warlords\MODS".
    2) Load the game.
    3) Click on "Advanced"-->"Load A MOD"-->"Top Civs"-->"OK", the Game will restart.
    4) Now you can play as normal

    Discussion Here
    Enjoy! :goodjob: