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New Westrnland:Epic World 2022-12-24

Hello, friends!

I disappeared from the CivFanatics forum for several months. During this period, I went to work on a super huge project!

Before, everyone who knows me should have visited Westrnland Defense, right?

Now, please allow me to introduce the new plot, which took 272 hours to produce!

Its name is New Westrnland: Epic World. Here, you can experience more soul-stirring content!

*This update includes:

·A total of 78 cities have been added

·Desert added 7 sea ports

·Desert has a navy

·Redwhite added 14 colonies

·Northern Island is neutral

·Increased southern oceans and continents

·Total area increased by 1.25 times

·More than 30 cities renamed

·More than 20 special troops have been added

·35+ islands have been added!

·More interesting terrain and rivers!

·Longer Gigoffe!

·More exciting!

Synopsis: In 1839, another world called Westnland World, the world has maintained peace for 20 years.

People invented more new technologies, which greatly improved the productivity of society. The world is peaceful, the people live and work in peace and contentment, and industry and commerce are prosperous.

However, a new experiment in space-time physics led to the discovery of Straw, an empire from another world. In evil

Under the leadership of Queen Gu Xinyan, 2 million soldiers armed to the teeth and thousands of advanced warships invaded this comfortable world.

The governments of various countries in Westrnland decided to unite with the 2 billion people in the world to repel the powerful invaders. Can they succeed? Or will the world become another Straw colony?

If you like it, please give me a good comment to me!
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