This mod adds a civilization based on the state of New York. I tried to do a balance of both upstate and downstate. This mod is in a playable state but still needs to undergo more testing to make sure the 2nd half of the UA and the leader ability properly work (as of now they should) and the bonuses are balanced, but I dont have the time, so if you play the mod or see something please tell me if something isn't working right or something is to OP or needs buffing.

Leader: John Rockefeller
- Ability: Captain of Industry; receive 15% bonus to wonder/project production when a city has BOTH a industrial and commercial district.

UA: The Empire State, has two parts based of Upstate and Downstate
- Downstate - The Golden Door: Receive a pop in all cities with a neighborhood (there is no effect for a single specific city yet AFAIK) when a neighborhood is finished
- Upstate - The Burned-Over District: 10% additional spread strength from cities, only receive 25% of the penalty to cities from a religious combat loss

UB: Wall St. - replaces stock market, grants additional +3 gold and +2 Great Merchant points

UU: Hearts of Oak - replaces Field Cannon; provides Great Merchant points in addition to upgrading to artillery instead of machine guns (I know steel is a tech you can get right after ballistics, but that sorta fits the theme if you know the history of the historical unit and its successors)

NOTE: as with all civs, there is not custom art b/c Firaxis still hasn't released the modding tools

Future plans/ideas:
- add the Iroquois either as a separate civ/mod or a Hiawatha 2nd leader for this civ and/or another leader for this civ with an upstate-esque theme and Albany capital
- Art whenever Firaxis gets around to releasing the tools

Any suggestions/help for the following are welcome:
- A different UU maybe?
- A different 1st half (Downstate UA)?
- the 2nd leader other than Hiawatha & leader ability
- Art for Rockefeller leader, so it can be implemented ASAP whenever Firaxis releases the tools and a proper way to implment art is found

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  1. Leader Ability Fix

    This update fixes the leader ability not working, I had forgotten to change the name of one line...
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