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Nidus 2016-10-05

woohoo! second ever unit. its a nidus from Civ 2 Test of Time, an alien settler/warrior/pack-animal. its a simple conversion, thanks to mrtn, for getting the program to get the civ 2 sprites.
civpedia entry:
It is only by the greatest fortune and the courageous sacrifice by the ship-borne Coercor forces that any of our hard working egg-breeders at all lived to reach the surface of this forsaken world. Without them, we would of course have perished completely. With them, we have hope for new nest cities, agriculture, refineries, transportation routes, and all that they traditionally provide. To date, the egg sacs have not been as healthy in color and firmness as they should be, but this is surely a temporary effect of the new environment. When we are better adapted to this planet and more securely established, the sacs will firm up and ripen as they should.
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