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No Americans, Australians, Brazilians or Canadians 2020-02-21

Removes the American, Australian, Brazilian and Canadian Civilizations from the game.

  1. Trigan Emperor
    This mod prevents the Civilizations that began as colonies of other Civilizations in relatively recent history from appearing in the game. With this mod enabled, these Civilizations will not appear on the list of Civilizations to choose from at game setup, and will not be used by AI players.

    Civilizations/Leaders removed by this mod:

    American / Teddy Roosevelt
    Australian / John Curtin
    Brazilian / Pedro II
    Canadian / Wilfrid Laurier

    Note: From a technical standpoint, this mod removes Leaders, not Civilizations, but the effect is the same since Civilizations cannot be used if they don't have available Leaders. It does mean that if additional modded Leaders from these Civilizations have been loaded, these Civilizations may appear, but they can be removed by adding the Leader names to the mod's SQL file.

    To create custom selections of Civilizations similar to this mod, I direct you to the 'Mod Leaders Only' mod.

    [This mod can be found on Steam Workshop here]