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No Beeling

No Beeling

  1. Hajee
    I created this mod so there is no more b-ling. You research most techs in each era, and all techs before u get into industrial era. Same with civics. I had to move some techs around, so the info era is only there for the mars mission. I wish add new techs later once the art tools come in.

    This is Alpha and I plan to always update the mod.

    This is a mod for those whole like longer eras, and long drawn out games.

    Side note
    1.because of the way the tech is made by the devs COST is very important. I did increase the cost a bit so Standard speed feels longer, almost like Epic speed.
    2. This mod will not work with any other the adds, alters the tech tree. Although if you use a mod with a simple cost multiplayer it may work, I am not sure.
    3. Once you load the first time it will take so time to load, however once u load it once it seems like the load in decreased to almost nothing.

    download file here
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/r01tusr5tfel3u8/Tech-Civic Tree Revamp V4.rar?dl=0
    Exact to
    C:\Users\....\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods

    If you find in error crash or have an idea etc, please write so I can update and fix.

    Spoiler Changes V.1 :

    Lowered Cost of Code of Laws
    Removed boost on wheel
    Switched Gunpowder and Square rigging. - This was because I had issue changing the boost. Mainly a text issue I believe. I could not find the UI element for the boost, that or it is unclear if the boost is tied to dll

    Add new parameters for game play to match the slower tech rate and era advancement.
    -Projects Take longer
    -Buildings cost less, however cost of Districts increased
    -Unit cost increased
    -Great people Cost increased
    -Boosted rate to tech is halved

    Spoiler V.2 :

    Fix game breaking error when research CIVIC_MYSTICISM
    Update Rules.sql with new changes
    1. Maintenance on Warrior and Slinger is set to 1
    2. Min distance between cities are set to 4 instead of 3
    3. Increase border expansion

    Spoiler Future Plans :

    Add new units
    -Copper swordsmen
    -Long-swords men
    -Advanced Infantry
    Add New Techs Above units

    PS English not my first, and this is still Alpha I have new techs and units I wanna add to the game but waiting on mod tools for that.

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