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No More TechTreeBeelining 2016-10-05

No More TechTreeBeelining

  1. LeeS
    1. Requires all major players to research the technology tree in a 'grouped' approach instead of beelining along the top or the bottom of the tree and ignoring techs in the other half of the tree.
    2. With this mod active you can only 'headreach' one column in the techtree. If you have not completed all the techs in the 3rd column of the tech tree, you cannot research a tech in the 5th column, and so on.
    3. You can open file No More Tech Tree Beelining (v 4)\LUA\NoBeelinConfigurations.lua and edit the line
      iColumnsBackToLook = 2
      to a larger value if desired, but be aware that changing the '2' to too large a number will be the same basic result as not running this mod.
    4. The mod is compatible with any mod that adds new technologies to the game, or that adds new eras to the game. The mod is an lua-only mod, and the methods used only activate after all other mods have loaded and made changes to the game's technologies list.
    1. Downloaded the No More Tech Tree Beelining (v 4).civ5mod file and then copy or paste from your downloads folder to your Documents/My Games/Sid Meieir's Civilization 5/MODS/ folder.
    2. Start up the game and go into the MODS menu
    3. wait ~30 seconds and the mod should unpack itself and be ready to be enabled.