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MANUAL DOWNLOAD (v 5) at's Earth 1939 (v 5).rar

A compilation of 'Great Works of Mod' from Civ V community has brought to you the fiercest scenario ever made yet, an era when ideological competition for the New World Order has been set. What path shall you lead them through, a world where Liberalism, Fascism or Communism prevails?

Noel's Earth 1939 is a stand alone mod that already compiles all necessary contents under a single folder. You will be playing on an accurate Huge Earth map (128x90) with some modified based rules. Map' s details are historically accurate and may tank some RAMs, although it is tested and playable via Macbook Air 11" Early 2014.

Victory Conditions: Science, Culture, Domination and Diplomatic (Time is OFF)
*Game begins on January 1939 or 1940 and turn progress 2 months for each turn.
*Updating the mod will crash with previous saves, you must start a new game.

New Features:
- 'Boots on Ground' system, a fortifying military unit may annex enemies' tiles. (Will lose some HP due to resistance, Infantry-class works best at this.)
- City Combat Range reduces to 1.
- Each nation starts with one 'Leader' unit
- Invisible 'Wall' building for the immersion and slightly weaker city's HP overall for the importance of military units.
- Realistic resources consumption
- Disable 'Settler' and City cannot be razed, unless attacked by nuclear weapons.
- Longer nuclear range and stronger guided missile.
- Many new unit classes and uniques.
- IMF and FIFA World Cup Resolutions
- Canal Bridge tile is used to simulate the realistic Canal system.
- Conspiracy Theory

Inside contains 2 scenario maps
1.) Noel's Earth 1939:
- 22 civs featuring PRC and Poland.

2.) Noel's Earth 1940:
- 22 civs featuring the Netherlands and Greece. (*Battle of France and Winter War has started)

Playable Countries: (24)
- United States
- Great Britain
- Soviet Union
- Third Reich
- Japan
- France
- Italy
- Poland
- Spain
- the Netherlands
- Greece
- Turkey
- Finland
- Iran
- Saudi Arabia
- Thailand
- Brazil
- Argentina
- India
- Canada
- Australia
- Mexico

Scenario map: Noel

JFD: USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Japan, Soviet, France, Poland
TPangolin: Australia, Canada
Leugi: Argentina
Hypereon: Finland
SuperWaffle: PRC
Noel: Custom leaderscenes

bouncymisha: Mothership Omicron
faustaud: Expanded Naval Immersion
Red-Eyed_Fairace: German Domination

Craig_Stutter: Religion Set up base codes
chrisitdeveloper: Militarily Occupy Territories (author's modification)
Labby: Improved Air Recon
sebitudoreci: Modding concept advisor
Stephen: Diplomacy and Policy set up from Earth 2014 base codes.
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